Rainbow Six Siege in 2023

Rainbow Six Siege in 2023

Tom Clancy released Rainbow Six Siege a few years ago, but with every new edition, some innovative features are added. Though it is primarily a first-person shooter game, you can deploy strategic plans in the title. Two squads are comprised of five members each; defenders and attackers combat each other with intense ferocity. Rainbow Six Siege was published in 2015. With each sequence, it has undergone significant changes; the zone includes new weapons and new avatars. There are about forty-five million players have tasted this tactical first-person shooter game.

A plethora of weapons and tactics

An overabundance of weapons and gadgets with tactical practicality makes the game different from titles. Contrasting to other FPS games over here, you can show your expertise in different areas; the approach is more holistic. Like a real-life warrior on a factual battlefield, you can rappel through buildings to confront enemies. You can smash through window panels, break through the cordon and eliminate hostile persons with a single bullet. They drop dead before realizing it. There are sixty inherent characters, each with a different ability and specialty in a certain field. One can cure partners other can diffuse a bomb or restore electronic devices in a short period. The versatility in characters and gameplay is noticeable and appreciable.

New grade system and map

Apart from the flexibility, Rainbow Six Siege introduced a new grade system, new terrain, and operators. The game provides more scope to show your prowess and tactical approach. To master the game, you have to go through a steep learning graph which is often intimidating for new players. Once you are eliminated, you have to start from starch, but once you grasp the fundamentals, the game has more to offer. If you are playing Rainbow Six Siege for the first time, try Terrorist Hunt. It is more of a tutorial that gives you an insight into the game. This mode is played by veterans. Also, play the solo mode as you get acquainted with the terrain and weapon types.

Terrorist Hunt

Knowing the terrain like the palm of your hand is crucial in a slow-paced game like Rainbow six. A wrong move could prove lethal. Learn the camera positions as you progress in the game. It could spin out to be a turning point in multiplayer mode. In Terrorist Hunt, you could adjust the sensitivity of controllers to an optimal level and be familiar with speed play. This escalates your running speed and facilitates snap aim at moving targets and linear headshots. A hasty move spraying bullets all around is a grave mistake in Rainbow Six Siege. To survive and win, your tools are necessary, perseverance and tactics.

Hear the sounds

Use headphones while playing Rainbow six, as every movement makes a sound. This could help you to detect the muffled footsteps of enemies. Turn off the background track, so the eerie sounds become clearer. Move quietly to make as less sound as possible, sprinting may move you faster, but it makes lots of noise, alerting the enemies. Stalking or crouching generates less sound and allows you to observe the horizon more cautiously. Use breaching charges to break solid open doors. You can smash glass windows and wooden barricades with the butt of the rifle. Place the breaching charges on the wall and move away before the blast. This does not reveal your exact position.

Drone position

Do not break open a door or window and gush in. There could be a deadly surprise waiting for you. Using a drone to scrutinize the rooms and lobby before entering is a safe habit that saves you from potential hazards. The drone gives you a bird’s eye vision of hiding spaces and a broader view of the adjoining areas.

Slice the pie

The tactic is a crucial aspect of Rainbow Six. Use a strategic approach whenever possible from every opening, including doors and windows. A bullet could find you, so approach cautiously. Slice the pie is the most practiced maneuver to securely and quickly clear an area. You need to move close to the wall next to the door or window, aiming at the outermost corners and walking in a semi-circle through the room. This movement gives you cover while entering the room. You can watch podcasts on this technique to gain further insight.

Indispensable combat tools

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