Organizational And Management Skills Required For Digital Transformation

Organizational And Management Skills Required For Digital Transformation

The digital transformation of a company does not only consist of having a presence on social networks or making sales through a website, but it requires a more in-depth change within the organizational culture that must be led by people with organizational skills and management. These profiles must have the skills required to manage the different digital tools, attract the target audience, and help the team in adapting to the changes brought about by digital transformation.

What Are Organizational And Management Competencies

The competences in the strict business sense, are the set of attributes that a person should have, and that will allow them to develop an action or activity within the scope of their work. That is the set of activities for which a person has been trained to be able to perform a series of tasks.

The interaction between the skills, knowledge, values, motivations, personality traits, and aptitudes of each one determines the behavior that will be shown when working to achieve the objectives that have been set within the company.

The selection of the different competencies will be defined by the values, knowledge, and motivation of each worker for a certain job, these competencies being decisive to establish the hierarchical level at which the worker can perform their tasks.

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What Is Digital Transformation

The digital transformation is the reinvention of an organization through the use of digital technology to improve the way it performs its duties and serve those who are.

Thus, digital transformation, for which organizational and management skills such as those mentioned above are necessary, can be defined as the reinvention of a company’s processes through the use of digital technology. This serves to change the way of working, improve strategies, and digitize processes.

The main advantages that digital transformation can bring to your company are these:

  • Reduce business costs.
  • Increase in profits.
  • Achieve greater efficiency in processes.
  • Reach a greater number of potential customers.
  • Increase productivity.

Challenges Facing The New Digital Leader

The digital transformation process requires that there be a person within the company who leads the change, that is, a leader who coordinates and directs. For this leader, having the organizational and management skills that we have talked about is essential, since he must be able to carry out different changes to carry out the transformation of the company, and these involve numerous challenges.

Some of the challenges that the digital leader must take on are the following:

  • Change The Way The Team Works: How workers carry out their tasks within the company must change, as the organizational and management competencies assumed by the digital leader change.
  • Manage Uncertainty Within The Company: The new digital environment can generate unknowns even for the leader. Sometimes this should give your team confidence and assurance about what they are doing.
  • Have An Open Mind: Innovation and change in digital environments require that the digital leader have an open mind and be willing to learn continuously.
  • Analyze A Large Volume Of Information: Currently, a large amount of data is generated within companies that must be analyzed and organized so that it can be consulted during decision-making.

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How To Improve Organizational And Management Skills

Digital leaders are not born with the organizational and management skills for digital transformation in their companies, but during their working lives they can learn and improve their skills in several ways:

  • Through continuous training.
  • Analyzing what competing companies do.
  • Working on personal development.

In short, digital leaders must be in continuous evolution to improve their organizational and management skills, be able to manage changes, and add value to their company. Knowledge and the ability to excel are the keys to digital transformation.

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