Software Integration with Payroll Systems for SMEs

Software Integration with Payroll Systems for SMEs

For Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to operate, they need hundreds of employees. They also need to keep track and manage large numbers of employees, which tends to be a challenge. How well you organize your business affects most of your business environment.
Before you consider integrating HR with payroll, the effects must comply with statute or federal tax laws. Also, ensure the data and sensitive information is secure before performing payroll management integration.
Payroll management varies in a wide range of integration capabilities. Therefore, you must evaluate your business before choosing software integration. UZIO is a payroll provider right for you and your business growth. Many companies trust us for scattered, fragmented data sets and payroll, workers, and HR software integration.
Here are the various software integration to payroll systems.

Employee Scheduling Software

For the software, it allows you to create schedules for your employees according to:

  • Shift swap tracking  
  • Employee attendance checklist
  • Budgeting of available labor resources

When you integrate the software to payroll software, it is easier to manage the employee payments. You can send timesheets over time and rank the position of employees to ease payroll calculations. It works to save time serving over 100 employees in minutes.

Time Attendance Software

The small business incurs enormous losses due to poor time management. It also kills morale when employees get to overwork with no extra payment. The integration of payroll systems to time attendance works to track each employee’s working hours that clocks in and out. The software can restrict a physical location where employees clock in.  Automation of payroll software groups employees by their working hours, or by grouping them into payment levels. The operating hours are then auto-recorded immediately after the employee clocks out.

Payroll Software

When running a business, you have an obligation to making tax payments as outlined by federal tax laws. However, it would be best if you kept these laws up to date since they change often. By integrating payroll software, you have nothing to risk. The payroll software notifies any changes and automatically updates to the current payroll information to prepare reports and budgeting.

The payroll ensures that all money paid for taxes, withheld insurance fund, or the paychecks are accurately transferred to the accounting software to debit or credit the funds’ incorrect general ledger accounts for the specified period.  

Human Resource Software

Some Payroll software like onboarding comes with limited HR functions. Others are available for more comprehensive, integrated solutions. When a business integrates payroll software with HR software, it is easy to assign task hours. It is then automated to calculate weekly or monthly working hours and translate the information into payments.

A business owner can design the type of deductions and employee status that each employee gets before making automated payments. It is more effective and accurate, keeping at bay any form of human errors. Payroll and HR integration is considered to help small businesses comply with the statute tax laws.

Point of Sale

A business operates, service businesses, or restaurant, a point of sale software incorporated to track sales and current inventory. However, to cover all costs, a company can integrate payroll software to manage workers, time tracking, and schedule shifts.
Example of a post of sale that integrates with payroll software, click of a button, and payroll software can calculate and make payment to each barmaid, waitress, or cook saving time for next shift attendance. It is accurate and easy to set up a variety of products or services that are on offer.

Why should you integrate small business software with a payroll system?

  • It is flexible; you can choose any software that needs payroll integration to perform what you want.
  • Saves your money and time; integrated software requires no manual input, therefore reducing physical taskforce. You don’t need to manually input or uploading a document into the system, saving valuable time for more critical tasks.
  • Error-free: as a growing business, you need to focus on maximizing profits and minimizing losses. Therefore, integrating programs level no chances of mistyping data. The system automatically identifies errors in cases where data input is done manually.


Today many payroll software providers like UZIO offer integration plans favorable for any type of business. You will also get additional functions apart from time tracking. Where extra programs are offered, customers may make subscriptions or purchase a module. Always weigh the incurred cost and its ultimate function before purchasing separate software to integrate. As a small business owner, you should keep in mind that some payroll software does charge for integration.


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