The Advantages Of The Azure Backup Solution

The Advantages Of The Azure Backup Solution

Azure Backup is the simplest and safest option for all types of companies, which also responds to hybrid environments. With no initial investments, you only pay for what you use. Within a disaster recovery policy, a very important point is precisely that of the backup copies of the platforms and their data. Without a doubt, it is essential within systems administration, and the different production, test, development.

Pre-production environments must be taken into account. Traditionally, copies were made locally, on more or less fast devices depending on the budget of the IT department. At first, these were stored on tapes (the cheapest option, as well as slower), then we went to disks, then to NAS (Network Attached Storage) infrastructures, and finally, there is the cloud and its online storage solutions.

Backup, An Indispensable Commitment

Backup is a task that therefore requires the definition of policies (of what, how often, retention, where, and conservation), carefully studying the needs of the business, selecting the tools, and proceeding with the implementation. In the end, it all comes down to a compromise between needs and costs, reaching an agreement to prioritize what is most critical, and forgetting the rest of the business operations. When evaluating costs, it is not only made up of the TCO (total cost of ownership).

The chosen solution, but it is also necessary to take into account the direct and indirect costs that would mean the loss of information or the shutdown of the systems during the Recovery. Precisely to simplify this cost calculation, backup solutions in the cloud are extremely attractive. Not only because they avoid initial investments in both hardware and software, but they also provide all the scalability, availability, and security that the organization requires, paying only for what is needed. Not conditioning in this way the growth of the company and eliminating amortizations and reinvestments in infrastructures.

7 Advantages Of Azure Backup

Azure Backup is one of the many services that Microsoft offers in its business platform that allows you to both protect and recover data. In addition to guaranteeing 99.9% availability, it provides the following advantages to all types of companies:

  • Unlimited Storage: No overhead. Alerts can be configured to monitor copies, but they will never be related to availability or cloud capacity
  • Various Storage Options: Local redundancy and geographic redundancy. The first, (LRS) makes three copies of the data in the same data center, while the second, (GRS) uses data centers hundreds of kilometers apart.
  • Automatic Storage Management: Manage hybrid environments at no additional cost, combining local and cloud storage if necessary, and automatically manage storage optimizing pay-per-use.
  • Unlimited Data Transfer: Both inbound and outbound (before a possible restoration), without charging for the data that is transferred.
  • Maximum Security With Data Encryption: In such a way that the password is stored locally and is not transmitted or stored in Azure.
  • Consistent With The Application: Be it files, virtual machines, or SQL databases; in each case, all the data associated with the recovery points are taken into account. This way, no adjustments are needed when recovering the data.
  • Short-Term or Long-Term Retention: The amount of time is not limited, there is only a limit of 9999 recovery points per protected instance.

Whether your organization has a single server, a CPD, branch offices, or remote offices, with their files and folders, Windows servers and clients, and even infrastructure-as-a-service virtual machines. At SCC we can help you find the solution backups you need. The most important thing is that Azure Backup always adjusts to the needs of each company.

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