The Best Email Marketing Strategies For Your business

The Best Email Marketing Strategies For Your business

Email marketing is not precisely a new digital marketing strategy but still forms one of the most direct and effective communications between customers and companies of any size. We will tell you.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that involves sending emails to users of a company’s database, whether customers or leads (potential customers who have contact details, thanks to that, have left a form). Through sending emails, it is about building a relationship with users and guiding them towards the purchase. Companies also use email marketing to communicate all kinds of news to their customers: updates to the conditions of service, expansion of the catalog, offers, discounts, etc.

Email Marketing Strategies

1. Personalize Your Messages

Personalization consists of using the data that users leave on your website to generate messages tailored to their needs and expectations. It is a very effective email marketing strategy: it is estimated that personalized emails convert up to 6 times more.  

For this, it is necessary to have an appropriate form in which information about users is collected, including their location, age, and other helpful information. Some ideas for personalization include the use of the user’s name in the subject and the text of the email or the sending of adapted offers based on their previous purchases. 

2. Segment your subscribers

User segmentation allows the sending of email marketing campaigns that add value to those who receive them. It is possible to carry out segmentation according to the industry to which it belongs or the company’s size in which it works (thanks to the information collected in lead capture forms), among many other criteria. 

It is also helpful to segment users according to the phase of the customer journey. They send different emails and offers to those who are not yet convinced, to those who are ready to purchase, or to those who have already purchased on previous occasions.

3. Send Mobile-Friendly Emails

It is estimated that 55% of smartphone users have purchased after receiving a promotional email. To take advantage of these opportunities, it is essential that emails can be viewed correctly on mobile devices. 

To do this, use a responsive design (which adapts to the screen width of any device), write short email subjects, and create a call to action at the end of the text visible on smartphones.

4. Automate Whenever Possible

The most effective email marketing campaigns implement the sending of automatic emails according to user behavior. The most common among these automated emails are the thank you for the purchase and the welcome emails after a user subscribes. 

However, there are other efficient examples to achieve more sales with automated emails, such as sending reminders to renew subscriptions before they expire.

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Advantages Of Using Email Marketing In Your Business

  • It is a prevalent communication channel, more than others, such as social networks. In addition, it is estimated that 99% of consumers look at their email every day. 
  • Control of your database without depending on third-party platforms as it happens in social networks.
  • A very effective medium for conversion. The average ROI (return on investment) for email marketing is around € 35 for every euro spent, according to the Data & Marketing Association 


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