What Is Conversational Marketing

What Is Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is a perfect ally of inbound marketing. This strategic marketing approach allows brands to interact directly and personally with users or contacts who visit their digital environments through different channels. It is usually carried out to offer an immediate response to any question that users who are interested in a product or service of our company or something else have, which increases their confidence and our chances of loyalty.

What Is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational marketing (in English, conversational marketing ) assumes based on the establishment of a channel bidirectional exchange of views, perceptions, and ideas with prospects or potential customers through different communication channels a new dimension. This technique seeks to increase our business opportunities; For this, it relies on fluid and efficient communication, characterized by immediacy and understanding on the part of our brand.

It is about guiding and offering a personal treatment to the client from the first moment they access the digital environments of our company; to offer a differentiated, humane, receptive, and preventative treatment, which aims to persuade the user to take an expected action. In other words, conversational marketing is intended to increase a brand’s conversion rates through more immediate, personal, authentic, direct, and efficient customer service.

Fluent conversations become the perfect boost in business processes, as users feel cared for from the first moment and it is easier for them to maintain their interest in the brand’s products or services.

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Conversational Marketing Benefits

Among the many benefits of using conversational marketing we can talk:

1. Conversational marketing Is A Perfect Way To Be Present.

By working in this direction, we actively establish conversations with potential customers, always present, which satisfies the consumer’s need today to obtain the information they want immediately and personally. Therefore, these types of conversations are an element at our disposal to make your experience with the brand more immediate, personal, responsive, human, and useful.

2. Conversational Marketing Is A Perfect Way To Transform Yourself Into What Your Customers Expect.

Conversational marketing allows us to attend to a greater number of people simultaneously, as well as to establish, in all cases, consistent and quality conversations. Also, this approach allows us to change from a static, unidirectional, slow and impersonal model of attention, to a dynamic model based on being always active, always present and ready to help when and how they want.

3. Conversational Marketing Is A Perfect Way To Get Valuable New Knowledge.

With each conversation that is generated, in addition to influencing the decision of potential customers, we obtain feedback from them, something essential to make improvements in the sales process, in the product or service we offer or in the follow-up actions and after-sales attention.

4. Conversational Marketing Is A Perfect Way To Build Relationships.

Conversational marketing makes it possible to simplify the processes of capturing leads and help them make better use of their time, by giving them immediate and timely information about the products or services we offer. Likewise, it is a tool that allows us to derive qualified traffic to the different departments or business areas in which our company is divided.

Conversational Marketing And Inbound Marketing

Conversational marketing allows us to interact with users who visit our website or company profile on social networks and convert potential customers through conversation. This dimension of inbound marketing focuses on interactions with users to establish long-term relationships with prospects on their preferred channels. Although, it also aims to create experiences that delight them throughout the buyer’s journey. Conversational marketing plays an essential role in the inbound marketing strategy. For that reason, it is incorporated as a fundamental part of the core of the inbound methodology:

The Importance Of Conversational Marketing And Business

Currently, conversational marketing is important for companies, since they allow us to personally and quickly attend each user, solve their doubts, influence their purchase decisions, and guide them throughout the process.

In short, conversational marketing can be seamlessly integrated into your current marketing strategy to boost your inbound marketing efforts, to improve relationships with your prospects, to meet your customers’ expectations, to grow your business.


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