A gadget is a technological device that is specially designed to fulfill a specific function or improve the operation of other devices. In other words, it makes life more comfortable for us and allows us to enjoy the latest advances in the market. Are you interested in this topic? Well, you should not miss our entry today since we are going to show the Top 5 of the best gadgets you can find in 2020.

AirPods Pro

The new generation of wireless headphones Apple has caused a sensation in the community. They have a renewed in-ear design that improves comfort and grip, so you can exercise for hours without fear of falling. In addition, they are IPX4 certified, making them resistant to sweat and splashing water.

The old touch system has given rise to a control based on “pinching” the surface of the AirPods Pro. And of course, we can continue to manage all the options through the Siri voice assistant. Among its main innovations, it also includes a very effective noise cancellation system, so your calls will be clearer than ever.

And what about the sound quality? This is what we should really care about in headphones! Well, we find treble with great presence, very consistent and fully defined bass, which we can equalize according to our preferences or the style of music we listen to. In general, both the quality of the music and the calls are exceptional.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Traditional television has come to the background in the face of the rise of streaming platforms such as HBO, Disney +, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video. The problem? That current televisions have different operating systems, some of which have not been updated in a while. The solution? Buy a device that makes them “smarter”, such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

At first, only the basic model was available in Spain, but nowadays we also have the option of acquiring the Fire TV Stick 4K, which allows us to play content in HDR. In both cases, it can be controlled by Alexa, which transforms the TV screen into a home automation center similar to the Amazon Echo Show. That is, you can ask the voice assistant about other smart home gadgets you have installed.

How is it used? To enter Amazon Prime Video or Music it is necessary to have an Amazon account. After logging in, a home screen will appear showing all the apps that we have installed, as well as the different pay-TV platforms such as Netflix or Amazon. Furthermore, the interface is very intuitive, making navigation very easy.

Anker PowerCore

We continue with our entry dedicated to the top 5 gadgets of 2020 with this portable battery from the Anker brand. The current mobiles are loaded with new features and apps that consume a lot of battery, so their autonomy is increasingly reduced. This is why power banks have become so popular that they fit in any pocket and are capable of recharging the device several times.

To give you an idea, the Anker PowerCore 13000mAh can charge an iPhone 8 5 times or an iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S8 3 times.

Xiaomi Mi Band

We continue with another of the technological gadgets that will give the most talk in 2020. It is Xiaomi Mi Band 5, the latest generation of smart bracelets by this Asian giant. Its main innovations include a 1.1-inch AMOLED screen that covers almost the entire surface of the device, with rounded edges and interchangeable straps with new colors.

It is the best companion for all sports lovers since it provides information on the number of steps taken, heart rate, and other very important data to increase performance and take care of our health. It is waterproof up to 50 meters and it will never be necessary to remove the strap to charge it since this version has a magnetic charge to facilitate the process.

And what about autonomy? Well, it promises to be very attractive, since Xiaomi guarantees that it will be about 2 weeks depending on the use. And the compatibility? We can pair with other iOS and Android mobile devices through Bluetooth. And there are rumors that we can even make payments through the bracelet.

Google Home

A few decades ago, science fiction movies showed us people who interacted with their home through voice. Luckily, the future is already here for a long time thanks to electronic gadgets like Google Home. It is an intelligent speaker that can also act as the nerve center of all the home automation devices in your home, whose main function is to make you more comfortable in your daily life.

You will be able to consult everything that comes to your mind, from the time it will make to the available movie card. As well as asking simple things, setting alerts or reminders and, of course, listening to music. For example, if you say OK Google, what do I have for today? It will access your calendar and indicate all the events you have scheduled. It is also capable of differentiating the types of voices, so only those users that you have accepted will be able to use this smart speaker.


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