The SD WAN Network Market Consolidation And Future

The SD WAN Network Market Consolidation And Future

A few months ago we talked about the full potential that this type of solution presents among organizations, as well as the small market share that SD-WAN networks had, just 5%. Currently, and as can be seen, the estimates have far exceeded expectations, because there is already talk through a recent IDC market study that more than half of the companies plan to implement an SD-WAN solution before the end of 2019. Therefore, a deployment that translates into a great business opportunity and consolidation of SD-WAN networks, which currently and in the short term (until 2022 ), according to the same study, foresees growth of 60%.

SD-WAN Networks, The Best Solution For Communications

Cloud technology and the various technological advances in the business world are providing companies with succulent benefits, especially related to the management and optimization of resources. However, at the same time, these great results are generating a series of very important challenges to face, especially related to data security and the growth and management of more powerful and complex networks.

But what is the primary goal of this solution? Mainly simplify the management of their networks and make life easier for companies. During this year the volume of information on the Internet is being higher than ever, hence new alternatives such as SD-WAN networks are created to guarantee the security of corporate information.

How The Transformation Of An Sd-wan Networking Environment Is Taking Place In Companies

In the first place, for this migration to take place in the business world, we must understand SDN networks fully associated with the Network Virtualization concept (virtual networks) compared to traditional networks, which are much more complex.

This new, more advanced deployment is capable of:

  • Incorporate different resources from different providers through an API.
  • Software networks are also prepared to adapt new IT solutions to ensure the digital transformation of corporations

Thus, this new form of management within companies fundamentally means carrying out an IT substitution of a hardware network towards a context in which the software is managed from the network itself. From this perspective, one or more separate networks can be conceived that depend on a single physical network and that eliminate all possible barriers.

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The Future Of SD-WAN Networks Where Are We Going

In one of the recent meetings and webinars on the analysis of the ‘SD-WAN. Current situation and market trends’, in which different experts from the most important firms in the market participated, analyzed what is the nearest future of SD-WAN networks. The analysts, who coincide in affirming the exponential growth and evolution of this type of solution, spoke of more agile and distributed networks.

  • Mainly and before carrying out this transformation on their companies, customers are waiting to see what happens in the coming months, and mainly what effects and benefits it will have on the leading companies that are implementing this type of technology.
  • Another of the main effects will be flexibility. We will see how the Cloud is easier to deploy anywhere.
  • The integration between different partners of different solutions will be much more viable and simple, with an increase in benefits for customers.
  • Another event will have to do with the incorporation of 5G in corporate communications.
  • Finally, we will begin to talk about the hybrid multi-cloud, and the entire SD-WAN network will have to convert the network point by point, point multipoint to a mesh network, where we will connect to several SaaS providers, Cloud, and that we will access through 5G.


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