The Smart Technology Revolution Comes To The Contact Center

The Smart Technology Revolution Comes To The Contact Center

The incorporation of new Smart Technology in the customer service systems of companies, contact, and call centers, has been accelerating in recent times. This is mainly because virtual assistants are being refined, thus expanding the range of questions that can be answered and services coverage. 

Artificial intelligence, big data, analytical, or chatbots are technologies and tools whose integration is accelerating. This directly impacts the figure of the contact center agent, which, despite the introduction of digital tools, continues to be essential in maintaining customer loyalty, as the telecommunications operator recalls. 

For this firm, this professional’s work has taken on a more qualitative and specialized character, and his skills must evolve. Specifically, three changes that must be assumed stand out: the adoption of a flexible and multichannel profile, the promotion of skills and digital training, and the development of greater empathy and emotional connection with the person with whom they interact. 

Thus, concerning flexibility and multichannel as Smart Technology, it is recalled that customers choose new means to contact beyond voice – which remains the most popular. Attention is channeled through calls and social networks, chats, or messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp. From also point out that this flexibility will be expanded to workspaces, drawing a scenario in which agents will attend from home and will have a more fluid schedule and distribution of work.

To optimize service, the integration of intelligent tools will require further development of training and skills for teams, which will help them interpret the information provided by these media. A specialized profile will be sought, with high-resolution capabilities, which can attend to the most complex queries unanswered by automated systems. 

This is directly linked to another of the aspects pointed out. By taking on a more qualitative job, the customer service staff will be expected to do the most emotional part of handling these inquiries. Thus, it will seek to add added value to the user experience.


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