The Smartphone To Manage Digital Tools

The Smartphone To Manage Digital Tools

The use of smartphones or smartphones marks a big step in the digital age.

Much more than a simple voice or messaging communication tool, these mobile digital tools allow you to perform various tasks such as web browsing, online purchases, sales, marketing, security activities, etc.

Smartphones make life easier with the ability to perform tasks remotely. Users with access authorization, the site administrator, webmasters, or community managers can interact with Internet users, prospects, customers, partners, and job seekers… provided they have the access parameters at the site. Possible tasks include:

Perform Tasks On The Web

  • The marketing campaign
  • The advertising campaign on a brand or product
  • Publication of company news
  • Publication of recruitment advertisements.
  • Animation of the website
  • The publication of surveys for a new product launch
  • Communication with partners and customers.

Measure The Impact of Campaigns Carried Out From Your Smartphone

Many online tools now make it possible to assess from a smartphone the impact of the work carried out for months, even if the site owner is on the move. This is particularly the case for SEO campaigns or digital marketing. Here are some examples of tools accessible from a smartphone:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • AdWords (Google Ads)
  • Google caching
  • Google Suggest

These tools provide details on the reaction of Internet users to a given keyword, product, or brand. Detailed figures on the number and time of each visit by Internet users are available there. This makes it possible to correct, change or reinforce the strategy.

The Smartphone As A Digital Security Device

The evolution of mobile technology with the arrival of very high-speed internet and high-resolution images improves the security of goods and activities. All video sequences become accessible via a compatible mobile terminal and application. This allows, for example, to control:

  • The movement of a company’s personnel
  • The entry and exit of a factory
  • Opening doors or windows
  • Intrusion attempts
  • Attempts to break into a vehicle (an alarm signal will be sent to the owner’s number in the event of theft, etc.)

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