Most Important Metrics Of Mobile Applications

Most Important Metrics Of Mobile Applications

When an application is launched on the market, it becomes essential to analyze its performance and know its results, intending to carry out the appropriate strategies to increase its profits. For this reason, it is necessary to know the most important metrics of mobile applications. Would you like to discover the key indicators that you should consider for your mobile app?

Active Users

One of the primary data we must know about our application is the number of active users daily, weekly, and monthly. Thus, we can determine the frequency with which individuals use the application, possibly knowing the trend over time. Consequently, if we observe a decrease in this indicator during the last months, we could determine that the app is no longer attractive or useful for the people who downloaded it, making it vital to introduce changes and implement new functionalities.

Average Session Duration

Average session duration refers to the average time users spend inside the app. In this way, the higher the figure, the greater the person’s involvement and commitment to our platform, showing that they have exceeded their expectations. However, the type of application to be studied must be taken into account here since it is impossible to compare the minutes an individual will spend in an application to consult the time spent in an app to make purchases, for example. This metric can also inform us of failures in the tool since if we observe that many users enter and exit the application in a matter of seconds, it may be due to a problem in the app or even usability defects.

Retention Rate

Regarding the retention rate, we must determine that its function is based on discovering the percentage of users who return to use the app after downloading and accessing it for the first time. Therefore, it allows us to qualify the user experience and identify if it has the necessary properties to capture the public’s interest. Having good results in this indicator shows us that we are competitive in the market and that the functionalities of our platform satisfy the needs of individuals.

Number Of Downloads And Uninstalls

Undoubtedly, the number of downloads our app achieves also allows us to identify if we are fulfilling our goals and purposes. For this reason, if we observe reduced installations, we should consider carrying out ASO positioning actions to stand out within the application stores. Likewise, the number of uninstallations is increasing, which warns us that the tool is not adding value to individuals. It is appropriate to carry out an update to incorporate new functionalities or modify the platform’s design.

Events Held

Another of the metrics that we must consider to analyze the performance of our application lies in the events carried out. Thus, we discover the actions that users carry out within the app. For our brand, we may be interested in the individual clicking on a button, downloading a certain document, or viewing a video, so we have to carry out strategies to encourage these actions.

Lifetime Value

Finally, to know the most important metrics of mobile applications, we should not forget to mention the relevance of the Lifetime Value. This indicative marks the user’s value for our application, determining the total income they will generate during their relationship with the app. Therefore, we can know the profile of the individual that will be more profitable for us, directing our platform to meet their tastes and interests. As has been observed throughout the article, it is essential to periodically analyze the metrics of our application since this action will allow us to know if we are developing the appropriate actions to achieve our objective or if, on the contrary, we have to design a new plan.

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