Time To Debunk The Top Crypto Trading Myths

Time To Debunk The Top Crypto Trading Myths

Since cryptocurrency is at the nascency stage, not many are aware of every aspect of this technology. We all know that it’s a virtual currency, and unlike fiat currencies, it is decentralized with a huge question mark hanging from its head. However, there are several other beliefs also that aren’t right and not at par with reality. 

Therefore, people are scared of accepting crypto due to these misconceptions and think it is rocket science. To give you a reality check, we will bust some of the myths believed widely across the entire world. After all, it is crucial to have a real-life insight into the same to acknowledge something new and out of the box. 

No tax is required for dealing in cryptocurrency 

A decade ago, it would still be practical to say that the crypto coins wouldn’t have any tax issues because it’s decentralized and no government body is involved. However, several countries have now accepted crypto as a legal payment method, which is why taxes are levied nowadays.
Yes, indeed, the taxation method is different for crypto, but it is not absent completely. In some countries, the tax levied is lower than that of fiat currencies, while in others, it is more. Therefore, the amount you have to pay per transaction will depend on one government to the other.

Crypto has no realistic presence and value 

One of the most common myths about cryptocurrency is that it has no real presence. Many people believe that being virtual and with no physical existence, cryptocurrencies mainly increase and decrease over time. To be honest, this is the worst kind of speculation any sane person can have.
Yes, crypto is virtual, it is not like the physical paper currency notes. However, that does not reduce its value anyhow. One cryptocurrency coin, say bitcoin, is worth hundreds of US dollars, and it is way costlier than fiat currencies and even valued more. Several individuals have become rich by trading in crypto.

Crypto means criminal and malicious intent

One of the key concerns that raise many eyebrows is the lack of regulation and control over the crypto transaction. It is said that crypto is often associated with criminology and malicious intentions. People usually think that hackers can easily gain entry to their bank accounts or other funds if they buy these coins. Crypto may be the most protected currency present in the world because difficult hash programs safeguard these.
No one can break or decode the hash encryption other than a miner. Therefore, crypto is not used for doing anything illegal or related to crime. Yes, it is considered to be an illegal way of finance and trading, but not in a negative manner. Since there is no centralized agency backing it, many governments simply want to protect their interests. And that’s why the “illegal” term is associated with crypto.

It is made for expert traders only 

Many people think that cryptocurrency is perhaps more difficult to understand in comparison with rocket science. Perhaps that’s the reason why they never try to delve into this world and simply make a trademark statement: “Crypto is only for pro and expert traders”! On the one hand, it would have been the truth a few years ago. 

But after seeing how well the market is doing and the increase in trade volumes, it can be said that crypto is for everyone. You need to understand the process and sign in with a genuine and reliable exchange platform like the allin1bitcoins.com/bitcoin-revolution/

Losing in a crypto trade won’t be of much loss

There is another myth regarding the cryptocurrency that says losing trade wouldn’t cause much damage. No real money is involved. If you are one of the believers, then you will be in peril if you continue to trade in crypto with this thought. Maybe there is no cash or coins involved in the trade, but you have used your fiat money to buy the cryptocurrency. So, the loss is real, so decide carefully.

Final thoughts 

The above article is a wake-up call that will make people realize that whatever they have been speculating so far, everything is not true. These thoughts are stopping you from moving forward and initiating a profitable trade.

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