Time To Keep a SmartWatch on Your Health

Time To Keep a SmartWatch on Your Health

Smart wearables like smartwatches are growingly becoming popular amongst the masses. They don’t just look stylish and futuristic, but also come loaded with many features that help you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It continuously encourages you to stay active and reach your fitness goals.

Here are a few of the top fitness and health related advantages of a smartwatch

Daily Activity Tracker

Walking is one of the easiest ways to stay active. It’s common knowledge that one should at least complete 10,000 steps a day. But how many of us do that? And even if we do that, how do we get to know that we have reached our target or not? That’s where a smartwatch comes into the picture.

They come with an in-built pedometer, which makes it easier to see the number of steps you have taken. Some smartwatches also come with a GPS that tells you about the distance that you covered. Apart from that, some smartwatches also calculate the calories you burnt with all the activity that you just did. This is an interesting feature for all the fitness enthusiasts as it gives quite a nuanced overview of their every-day health.

Monitors heart rate

Your heart is a vital organ of your body! Keeping a tab on your heart can be beneficial in many ways. It’s definitely not only meant for people who have any heart-related issues. Monitoring your heart health can be beneficial in improving your athletic performance and managing stress levels.

A smartwatch sits on your wrist and continuously monitors your heart rate. You can use this data to find your exercising sweet (sweat) spot. As it’s important for you to not overdo it, while at the same time, you should be working towards achieving a healthy heart rate.

Tracks blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2)

Blood oxygen levels have become an important thing to monitor in the current times. It basically donates the amount of oxygen your blood cells are carrying. Having a normal SPO2 level is critical for the proper functioning of your body.
There are many fitness trackers that come with a sensor which tracks the blood saturation (SpO2) level and keeps you updated if it drops below the normal range.

Effective in Stress Management

We all live a hectic life, where we juggle multiple things at the same time – work, family, household chores, and so on! And all of this does become stressful. And we know that stress is a silent killer which can lead to multiple problems like anxiety, heart related issues and so on.

A good smart fitness watch comes with a stress tracker to monitor various factors like your heart rate, sleep cycle and so on and detects whether your stress levels are above the normal. Not only this, they also provide you with guided breathing which eventually helps you calm down and relax.

So basically, a smartwatch not only takes care of your physical health, it also takes care of your mental well being!

Sleep Cycle

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body and sleep plays an important role in maintaining both. A sustained lack of sleep can have many negative consequences for the body. A smartwatch when worn at night, can offer a wide range of data that can help you improve your sleep hygiene and avoid restless nights tossing in bed. Some smartwatches come with a sleep tracker that can let you know how many hours you slept, and how many were uninterrupted hours. How much was REM and how much was deep sleep. These data points help you identify sleep patterns and set goals to improve the quality and quantity of sleep.

Keep a track of menstrual cycle

This is an important health benefit for all our lovely ladies. With PCOS and other menstrual health related problems becoming way more common, a menstrual tracker helps keep a tab on the dates and helps avoid any surprises.

Smart reminders to stay active

Our modern lives are quite sedentary. We sit with our laptops, busy making presentations, making excel sheets, sending emails, attending video calls, and so on.. And in the middle of all of this.. We forget small little (but super important) things like drinking water or even standing up or walking around in between long working hours. Many smartwatches come with features that give you smart reminders to take a small walk when you have been sitting for long or remind you to drink water. You can even set reminders for particular things and don’t miss small things. 

Still reading on.. Well, now it’s pretty much clear that you need a smart fitness tracker to live a healthy lifestyle. While the best smartwatches do come loaded with many smart features that also help you increase your productivity, owning a smartwatch will definitely guarantee you better fitness tracking! 

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