Tips To Crack The Coding Interview

Tips To Crack The Coding Interview

Coding interviews are a tough nut to crack!

In their interview experiences, most of the candidates shared that coding interviews are hardest to crack!

Though, there is no escaping from these interviews. Whether you are applying for Google, Amazon or any other tech-giant, you have to face the coding interview round.

The Google code interview questions have always been the most specific and difficult segment of the whole assessment.

From basic problem statements such as arrays to tricky problems of data structures, cracking the code interview at these tech companies is no less than a roller coaster.

If you have also applied for a technical post at any of the tech giants, you must start brushing up on your coding concepts now.

There are some specific concepts that will help you crack the coding interview easily.

Are you confused about what coding concepts will help you score better? And how exactly shall you plan out your preparation to get appropriate results?

 If these questions are haunting you as well, put your mind at ease. We have laid the groundwork with the tips and tricks that you need for cracking the code interview of your choice.

Starting with the most important topics that you need to learn while coding interview preparation, we will help you plan out your preparation with excellent tips.

Important Coding Concepts

Coding interview concepts can vary from one company to another. However, there are a few concepts that are usually asked by different companies in direct or indirect formats. Following are the few important topics that you need to learn to assure a good score in your coding interview:

  • Data structures

You will probably find data structures in every coding assessment!

Data structures are the most commonly asked concepts when it comes to the coding interview. Most asked sub-topics in the data structures include binary trees, search trees, hash maps, graphs, arrays, linked lists, and many other data structures. Make sure you learn the basics of each data structure along with working on a few in detail.

  • Algorithm

Algorithms are an essential part of core programming in computer science. Various companies analyze your algorithms and codes quite closely. Algorithms are the key to using the data structures efficiently and hence hold great significance. Ensure that you practice the real-time problem statements as well to improve your efficiency.

  • SQL

In addition to the linked lists and queues, another important topic is SQL Candidates with a grasp of database design and SQL can easily provide problem solutions for different problem statements. Companies like Google, Amazon, and others require you to deal with typical and rational data sets. For this, you need SQL and database design skills.

  • Oops

For several companies, OOPs competence is a major requirement. OOPs have five main pillars about which you must learn to ace your coding interview. These pillars are inheritance, abstraction, polymorphism, encapsulation, and composition. Make sure you learn each component of OOPs in detail as recruiters must include the OOPs question in coding assessments.

  • Computer science Fundamentals

Ensure that your preparation is not restricted to the advanced questions only. Several times the candidates are asked fundamental questions and they provide inaccurate solutions. Hence, make sure you go through the coding and computer science fundamentals carefully before appearing for your interview.

After covering these topics, you will easily increase your chances of scoring well in the coding interview assessment at the tech giants. However, to further enhance your performance and for more efficient results, there are a few tips that you need to keep in mind while preparing.

The next segment unfolds the different tips that will help you ace your coding interview like a coding pro!

Tips to Crack coding interview

Cracking the code interview at tech companies is nothing less than a puzzle. To make sure that every piece of this puzzle fits right, a few things are essential to be kept in mind.

Tips for the candidates to crack their coding interview conveniently include:

  • Analyze the problem statements

Notice the minute details for an accurate solution!

While attempting the problem statements during practice and test assessments, make sure you analyze the whole question. Pick out the important information and never miss any particular category of detail. Plan an approach through the available information

  • Practice on Paper

It’s always better to map out the solutions!

Instead of solving the problems in your mind or the imaginary whiteboard, make sure you develop the habit of solving problems on paper. It will help you to trace out your methods and find the loopholes clearly

  • Trace your Errors

Observing your errors is the key to resolving them!

To improve your coding and complete the tasks efficiently, it is significant for you to trace your errors. Keep a list of challenges and errors you faced while developing complex or basic codes throughout your practice phase. Resolve these errors one by one with an efficient and accurate solution.

  • Industry-specific problem statements

Learn the skills your target companies need!

Make sure you add a few industry-specific problem statements in your preparation modules as well. There are different core subjects that the companies can ask from their candidate. While preparing for the coding assessment, make sure you develop similar coding skills as required by the company.

  • Attempt Mock tests

Make sure your preparation is on the right page!

Mock tests are the right way to determine whether your preparations are on the right path or not. Various companies hold mock tests that will help you analyze the coding problems, theoretical questions, and other aspects of the exam in detail. 

  • Learn Software Designing

Software designing is a must-learn skill today!

All the major tech companies running around the globe recruit candidates having good knowledge of software design. Ensure that you brush up on your coding skills in software designing before moving forward with your interview preparations. You will find software designing questions in different test assessments such as Google code interview questions.

Winding Up

Google code interview questions are accurate examples of how difficult coding assessment questions can be. Make sure you practice several problem statements to improve your chances of cracking the code interview with your target company easily and efficiently.

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