Top Reasons Gamers Use Proxies in 2022

Top Reasons Gamers Use Proxies in 2022

With the advancement in the tech sphere, gaming has become a world-renown activity that connects people from different corners of the world. The advent of online games enabled people to engage freely in matches and make friends from overseas. 

Online gaming dates back to the 1970s, when people used computers to play games. An early example was the Multi-Use Dungeon (MUD) which allowed players to interact with each other. This interaction was possible since the gamers typed commands that resembled natural language in their devices. The first online MUDs were created in 1978, confined in an internal network.

Now that we have a brief idea of the history of online gaming, let us focus on our time. Gaming in the present century: A century of vast technological advancement with various games available on the web. 

While gaming today is full of world-class technology aimed at making the activity as realistic as possible such as Virtual Reality (VR), it is not without its downsides. For instance, online games can be frustrating when gamers encounter obstacles such as latency and geographical restrictions. 

While the future of gaming might seem a bit complicated due to these obstacles, you will be pleased to know that there are various tools you can use to optimize your experience, among them proxies. With this in mind, this post will dive into some of the reasons why gamers are turning to proxies in 2022. 

Why Proxies Are Necessary For Gaming in 2022

First, what is a gaming proxy? It is a tool that acts as an intermediary or a gateway that connects the gamer with the gaming websites and enables them to use a different IP address while gaming. Below are the reasons 2022 gamers use proxies:

Bypassing Geographical Restrictions

Online games, just like any other online content, are prone to geographical restrictions. This often is not an issue to passionate gamers since proxies can easily help them bypass such blocks.  

How so? Well, proxies allow you to set an IP address of a different region, allowing you to access a game from a dummy location. Still, you are actually in a restricted region. For instance, passionate Indian PUBG gamers can set an IP address of UK origin and access PUBG while in India, regardless of the game being banned in their country.

Prevent Lagging 

While gaming, especially multiplayer games, a faster and smooth connection is required for an optimum experience. While proxies can’t necessarily increase your internet speed, they can offer a more direct connection to the game server, reducing lag. 

Lag can be one of the most annoying experiences for any gamer as it can cause unnecessary losses in important matches. Such issues are significantly reduced with a proxy, improving the overall gameplay. 

Bypassing IP Bans

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where the game slapped you with an IP ban for whatever reason? In such scenarios, creating a different account will not work as you will still be using the same IP. The best idea here would be to swap your IP using a proxy. 

You need to keep in mind that gaming companies today use state of the art technology. If you use mediocre proxies, you will get detected and still be barred from accessing your favorite games. The best idea is to stick to premium proxies such as IPRoyal. Let’s say you have been barred from accessing Starcraft. The best way forward is to get some reliable proxies like those at and get back into the game.

Voting on Game Sites

Competition is a key aspect of gaming today. With the popularity of the niche, developers are trying to outdo each other in developing the most interesting games for users. This has led to the introduction of a vast number of gaming platforms. 

Passionate gamers are always on the lookout for new and high-rated games. Usually, game owners advertise their games on different websites and wait for users to rate their games. This usually takes a while before your game is ranked. However, with a DVT gaming proxy, rating your game is easier than you expect since you can vote for your game using different IPs and boost its ranking.

The Upshot

Gaming proxies offer a wide range of benefits for users. One might argue that these tools are a must-have for dedicated gamers. This is because at least once in your lifetime of gaming, you might experience lagging, IP bans, or even travel to a region where your game is unavailable. In such instances, a proxy will come in handy as it can help fix all these issues. Now that you understand the power of gaming proxies, nothing can stop you from becoming the master of your game. Happy gaming!


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