Types Of Cryptocurrencies Worth Knowing

Types Of Cryptocurrencies Worth Knowing

As you may know, cryptocurrencies are a substantial investment opportunity for ordinary people, and an opportunity to appear in the global market for new investors and new company owners. All digital currencies can be assigned to one or more main types. These distinctions are of utmost importance because they determine exactly what to invest in and help determine the priority of your purchase for certain classes of people. Coins, tokens, stable coins, and security tokens; these are the heroes of today’s article.

Currency Vs Token

This is an essential differentiation in the world of cryptocurrencies. It must be one or the other. The difference is Blockchain: coins have it, tokens don’t. The operating principle of the coins is based on the philosophy of pairs, and the record of transactions is kept in digital ledgers. This means that they can be used as currency (medium of exchange). Things are different with tokens. They are issued in the form of an ICO (Initial Coin Offering), the initial value of the coin. The stability of the tokens makes them, among other things, passwords for selected services or products, or they can be used to confirm a person’s actions in a given cryptocurrency company. The division of the tokens is even more complicated (it depends on what the symbol, or token, represents), and each may be subject to different regulations. The most basic differentiation is the presentation of a tool or value. All investors should carefully read the SEC regulations to know exactly what they are investing in. If you are not an accredited investor, you can buy a utility token, that is, one that can represent exclusive access, a reduced rate, or early access (its purpose also depends on what the symbol includes).

Security Tokens

There are many security tokens. These confirm that the steps taken after logging into the account are carried out by its real owner (they are in virtual daily life, for example on Steam). Interestingly, they are based on a blockchain, which is one of the exceptions (as I wrote before, tokens usually don’t work on a blockchain). Since security tokens are regulated by SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) securities, you must be an accredited investor to purchase them. This test assesses whether an investment in a cryptocurrency is ‚Äúspeculative (the investor makes money based on the work of a third party). 

Do You Know Stable Coins

They owe their name to their stability in the market, which results from their dependence on another traditional stable good, such as currencies (mainly the euro and the US dollar) or gold.

The company behind the stable coin has the same asset value as the ones it holds in stable coin bank accounts. Therefore, the main advantage of this digital currency is the transfer of your funds to more profitable means without incurring losses, such as pre-transaction fees. Although there can be scams and frauds about the value of a given stablecoin, in general they are safe. They are primarily tokens (and thus provide the right to trade the currency without incurring additional fees in a 1: 1 ratio.

Although to the average person the world of digital currencies may seem new and unclear, all potential investors should know the value of the cryptocurrency they are considering and, above all, know-how current and future SEC regulations will affect them. Perhaps Bitcoin and other similar currencies will soon be replaced by other types of currencies.

Bitcoin In E-Commerce

How can you use Bitcoin transactions in online commerce (e-commerce)? The first step is to open a virtual wallet to save the cryptocurrency, which you can do on a website or application. Another thing is that you have to place a Bitcoin micropayment module on the website of the online store. These services have already been created and closely resemble other widely known solutions, such as PayPal.

Bitcoin has great advantages and disadvantages, and an uncertain future. While many people have pessimistic thinking about cryptocurrency, there are also many enthusiasts who see cryptocurrencies as universal and global money.


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