The Importance Of Social Networks And Most Common Mistakes

The Importance Of Social Networks And Most Common Mistakes

Social networks are a fundamental factor in understanding your company. Most marketing strategies include a point related to Social Networks since social networks’ scope is a fundamental factor and brings together users and users in the same space. Business. Multiple platforms specialize in different target audiences, so carrying out a marketing campaign must be different between the different social media platforms.

Fair use of RRSS can help give visibility to a company, increase brand awareness, create an audience, interact with them and attract potential customers, among many other things. The multiple benefits, they offer us, and the management of Social Networks for companies must be carried professionally and following clear objectives.

How To Focus Your Social Media Strategy:

One of the essential factors in following a business social media strategy is the return on investment (ROI), as it is one of the most profitable means.

  • Set Your Goals: The main advantage of running an advertising campaign is that they allow you to be very specific, with a specific product and a specific audience.
  • Investment: Investment in RRSS does not have to be high; there are times when only with organic traffic and taking care of your audience can get great benefits. Other times, investing very little in the campaigns, you also get great results and, when you have the results, you can decide whether to increase that investment or not.
  • Encourage Participation: Communication with your audience can be very beneficial since you have the opinions of your customers, you generate trust, you increase your brand awareness, and you will create loyalty. Also, you will encourage them to comment on things they like or improve to increase their experience.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction: If, as companies, you establish fluid communication with your customers and commit to them, they will feel more valued and satisfied. Also, having a presence on social networks increases customer confidence since they know that there are more communication methods and can read the opinions of other users.
  • Traffic To Your Website: A general approach to social media strategy is to attract followers to your website. There are times when you get traffic from potential customers that otherwise would not have reached your website. The more visibility, the more possibilities there are to increase your sales.
  • Establish KPIs: To know if your strategy is paying off, and you must establish the objectives you want to achieve (KPIs). What specific action do you want to take? (attract traffic to your website, generate potential customers, create an audience, increase visibility, have more followers.). You need this goal to be as specific and achievable as possible.
  • Create Your Buyer Person: Define what your ideal client would be like, their needs, their tastes, their concerns, etc. In this way, you can focus your social media strategies on their tastes and needs. You must also know what days and hours your audience is most likely to be on the platform. This will ensure that your posts are seen.
  • Analyze Your Competition: See what the competition is doing on their social media profiles, study what their followers like the most and what they least and know what type of content they show to their users. Importantly, what works for them may not work for you, so know your audience and be creative.
  • Original And Creative Content: Find a balance between engaging with your followers and promotional content, because if you “sell” your products too much, your followers will lose interest. On the other hand, a content that is increasingly present and generates more interest is video, use it!

Most Common Mistakes In Social Media Strategies:

It is not always easy to carry out a social media strategy, and there are many times that we fall into prevalent mistakes:

  • Not Having The Profile 100% Completed: Although it may seem obvious, it is widespread that because of the rush, profiles are created without putting all the information or thinking that you have already put it on other platforms and it is not necessary to put them on this. Optimize them to the maximum with keywords and links.
  • Being On All Social Networks: Does this sound like you? Not by being on all the social networks that exist will you achieve your goals. There are times when your target audience is on other RRSS, and it is impossible to get good content for each of the platforms. Therefore, it is essential to create a Social Media strategy to know which Social Networks to be on. Each one has a different objective and is directed to a different target.
  • False Followers: There is a false belief, especially when you are starting with your profile that the more followers, the better and companies that pay to obtain false followers.
  • Quantity Before Quality: Related to the previous point, many brands prefer to have many (real) followers without caring who they are or if they share goals with our brand. There is no use to having followers who do not interact with us. You must target your target audience and grab their attention.
  • Talk Only About Your Product: No one likes selfishness, be it between personal relationships or talking about the brand. Do not focus only on talking about yourself, your products, your company and share varied content that generates interest and is not only self-promotion.
  • Use Nonsense Hashtags: Hashtags are essential in our Twitter or Instagram posts, but it is essential to use them with care, and it does not make sense to put hashtags on the loose.
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