4ka: Overview of all packages. We will advise which is best for you

4ka: Overview of all packages. We will advise which is best for you

4ka is improving its portfolio.

In March 2018, 4ka started selling new packages called SLOBODA and canceled or hid many previous packages. Thus, there has been a significant change and, in particular, a simplification of the portfolio.

SLOBODA packages offer cost-effective services and, most recently, the possibility to use all prepaid data not only in the 4ka network but also in national roaming, ie in the 2G and especially 3G network of Orange. You can also use SLOBODA voice packages in the EU, including data.

If you want to try the services of this operator, we recommend using the Moja 4ka SIM card at the beginning and possibly activating the GIGA package or one of the basic SLOBODA packages. We described our initial impressions from the use of the SLOBODA package in this article.

My 4 as a base

The basis of all operator services is the Moja 4ka SIM card. You can buy it at the post office, but also at other places, or you can order it online. If you do not activate any additional package, you use the services for 4 cents per minute / SMS and 1 cent for 1 MB of transferred data in Slovakia and in the EU.

If you want to use mobile internet, we recommend activating the GIGA package, which costs 2 euros and contains 1 GB of data in the 4ka network and also in national roaming, in the Orange network to test the quality of services. In the case of the GIGA package, you can use automatic recovery after 30 days/overdraft. This feature can also be disabled. All data from the GIGA package can be used within the EU and throughout Slovakia.

FREEDOM packages for more demanding users

For some users, a combination of the basic tariff of 4 cents and the additional GIGA package for 2 euros will definitely suffice. The SLOBODA and SLOBODA + packages are intended for the others. They are available in three versions, 4ka also offers a purely data package FREEDOM OF DATA, which contains only prepaid data throughout Slovakia and no minutes / SMS.

The difference between the SLOBODA and SLOBODA + packages lies in the amount of prepaid mobile data. All SLOBODA packages offer 1 GB throughout the Slovak Republic and within the EU, SLOBODA + is more generous in terms of data. For an additional fee, you will receive a lot of additional data throughout Slovakia and an increase in data within the EU. In EU countries, you can also use all prepaid minutes and SMS, and this applies to all SLOBODA voice packages.

If you can’t decide which package to choose, try calculating your standard monthly consumption. With easy math, you can get to the package that will be best for you. SLOBODA packages are renewed after 30 days, renewal can be turned off. If you use up prepaid units earlier, a fee of 4 cents per minute / SMS and 1 cent per 1 MB of data will apply as needed.

The renewal of the lump sum for the next 30 days will take place provided that you have sufficient credit. You can charge it very easily, e.g. via the 4ka My Zone web interface. It is practical to be able to define the rules of automatic recharging using a payment card.

It is practical that the SLOBODA and GIGA packages can be combined. If you e.g. you will exhaust the data from the FREEDOM package and its renewal is e.g. up to 10 days, you can activate the GIGA package. The data from the GIGA package will be consumed first even after the renewal of the FREEDOM package. As a rule, those data whose expiration date is closer and ends earlier are drawn first.


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