How Quantum Computing Can Speed ​​Up Data Analysis In Healthcare

How Quantum Computing Can Speed ​​Up Data Analysis In Healthcare

This disruptive technology has the potential to provide acceleration in the analysis of vast amounts of data. Quantum computing, along with artificial intelligence, is transforming the way we handle data. This is even more relevant in an industry such as the health sector, where the information stored grows exponentially. As the population increases, so do the number of patients and, with them, their data.

Streamlining this process of analyzing health information will improve the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases. But, also, it will optimize and facilitate operations. The quantum computer will enable us to solve problems in a short time that conventional computers would take months to resolve and could not even get to be solved.

What Is Quantum Computing

Quantum technologies make it possible to take advantage of the microscopic world’s properties and phenomena, which do not occur at the macroscopic level. Electrons or photons can be in several positions simultaneously, thanks to the property known as quantum superposition. This property has many applications in different fields since it offers the possibility of carrying out several calculations or simulations simultaneously. Its name comes from the physical theory that describes these phenomena, quantum mechanics.

The technological giant Google has claimed this past 2019 to have achieved quantum supremacy. What exactly does this term refer to? Quantum supremacy refers to the process by which a quantum machine can complete within 200 seconds a task that would have taken 10,000 years to the best digital supercomputers. This was carried out using the Sycamore, the quantum processor in which Google and NASA work. “Quantum computers are prone to error, but our experiment has shown the ability to perform computation with low enough errors on a large enough scale to outperform a classical computer,” explains Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google.

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A Technology That Offers Multiple Health Benefits

It is only a matter of time until these technologies directly apply to health services, hospitals, and health centers. Infrastructures are needed to take advantage of quantum computing and a high level of data to be profitable. But that it is the future and is beginning to apply, no one doubts it anymore. The benefits of its use in the health sector are countless.

The speed and possibilities it could offer in the healthcare sector are unprecedented. The ability to process information and analyze it, with the support of artificial intelligence and data homogenization systems. Whether in treatment, diagnosis, or medical information management. Quantum computing, thanks to its exponential speed, will allow artificial intelligence algorithms to identify patterns in data collected from millions of patients quickly. As in medical imaging. In addition to being aimed at working on DNA sequencing. This technology will accelerate the paradigm shift regarding the treatment of medical information in the healthcare sector.

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