What Is Remarketing Strategies And Advantages

What Is Remarketing Strategies And Advantages

What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing or retargeting consists of creating advertising campaigns or personalized ads for people who have previously visited your website or ecommerce or have interacted with your brand. These advertising campaigns aim to increase ROI as we focus on creating highly personalized ads for an audience that has previously been interested in our brand. Indeed it has ever happened to you that you have been looking at a product in an online store.

Then that same product has appeared on Facebook, in Instagram stories, in an advertising banner, in the newspaper you read. That’s why they were doing an excellent remarketing or retargeting campaign. Of course, to create good retargeting campaigns, it is imperative to understand and analyze what the audience we are targeting is like and use tools such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads display ads to create an excellent joint strategy.

Remarketing And Retargeting Strategies

Time Sequential Remarketing

This remarketing strategy shows different ads to users based on the purchase phase they are in. In this way, people who leave your website will see advertisements highlighting the characteristics and benefits of your products or services, thus obtaining a greater probability of conversion. If there are still users who resist, you can make an ad with a special discount to encourage them to take the step and, in addition, to obtain a greater probability of conversion, we recommend that you link the ad to a particular landing page in which the price has that discount applied.

Remarketing To Users Who Abandon The Cart

By having an online store, some potential customers will inevitably abandon the purchase process, either because the shipping costs are high or because the final price is higher than that of the competition. However, you must remember that if these users have added the product to their cart, they have a high purchase intention, so they will only need a little push to convert.  

Therefore, if you want to apply this remarketing strategy, you will have to use AdWords or Facebook Ads to carry out advertising campaigns, in which you will only have to create a list of people who do not make the purchase. Once this list is made, we can show you personalized ads, such as: 

  • Offering them free shipping costs. 
  • Providing them with a discount on their next purchase. 
  • Remind them that you have abandoned the shopping cart halfway. 
  • Remarketing to buyers

If the customer makes a purchase on your website and is satisfied, they are more likely to make a purchase again than if they are a new customer and do not know the quality of your products or services. Therefore, this strategy will be effective if you have additional products or services in your store or e-commerce that will likely be purchased by users who have previously converted. To be effective, you will only have to collect previous buyers on a list and offer them products or services similar to those they have already purchased.  

Remarketing To Users Similar To Those Who Convert

You must know your target audience to obtain visits or conversions thanks to your ads. It would help to observe your statistics in Google Analytics or other analysis tools. When entering Google Analytics, it uses the behavior report to identify if users follow a specific pattern so that we can target an audience that is more likely to convert. Once you have analyzed and obtained some common characteristics among your buyers, we recommend creating an audience with those requirements and using it in a Google AdWords campaign.   

The Facebook Ads tool also offers you an option to create public audiences similar to your website visitors, buyers, and followers. For example: If you get that they perform an average of 2 sessions that last 3 minutes and are between 30 and 45 years old, you will be able to specify your Google AdWords campaign. 

Advantages Of Remarketing Campaigns

Reduce Cost

By advertising through this technique, the costs of your campaign will always be lower than running conventional ad campaigns since they will go to people who are already interested in your brand or product and not to cold traffic.

Promote Branding

Since your ad will appear to potential customers while browsing, your brand will become more visible, and they will become familiar with it. Also, if these appear on platforms that allow images to be included in the ads, the effect will be more significant.  

Carry Out Hyper-Segmentation

With this method, you will focus on potential customers since the ads will target people with more specific profiles. 

Increase CTR

People who know your brand will get more clicks about impressions and, therefore, the CTR of your ads will increase. 

Improve ROI

Thanks to the fact that these types of campaigns are very effective, in addition to having a lower cost, the return on investment will increase compared to conventional campaigns that you have carried out in the past. Now that you know some advantages and strategies of remarketing, you can put them into practice when you run campaigns to get more conversions on your website or e-commerce. 


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