The Value Of Cisco SASE For Businesses Today

The Value Of Cisco SASE For Businesses Today

Having various security providers is counterproductive. Gartner, one of the leading analysts in the technology market, defends managing security from a single provider for all its advantages. Based on this premise, companies are increasingly committed to simplifying security management in a single provider and to solutions that allow all company users to be protected anywhere.

SASE Key Use Cases

Cisco SASE is the best choice in two use cases: Secure Remote Worker and Secure Perimeter.

Secure Remote Worker

COVID-19 has accelerated remote work, and, in parallel with the growth of this trend, security threats have increased. To better protect employees, companies need solutions like  Cisco SASE that provide the following benefits:

  • Secure access to apps and data anywhere.
  • Fast access to the Internet and applications in the cloud.
  • Authentication of users and guarantee the device’s state before establishing the connection.
  • The best connectivity experience for all remote workers thanks to a next-generation network.

Secure Perimeter

The perimeter of a company is no longer limited to its corporate headquarters. Therefore security solutions have to adapt to the new situation and protect assets and users beyond the four walls. In this context, companies need an essential security solution that provides the following benefits:

  • Streamline connectivity with applications in offices
  • Provision of SD-WAN fabric across thousands of users and locations
  • Provide secure access to applications and direct access to the Internet
  • Identify and solve problems in ISP, SaaS, public and private applications

Maximum Security With Cisco Secure X

Companies implementing Cisco SASE also benefit from Cisco SecureX, a single solution that provides simplicity, visibility, and efficiency.

  • Simplify: With an integrated and open platform, companies stop suffering from the headaches caused by managing different security solutions.
  • Visibility: Thanks to this solution, users can control the company’s security at a glance to act faster against attacks and carry out regulatory compliance.
  • Efficiency: With SecureX, functions are automated, and manual processes are reduced, which has a direct effect on the company’s operations: problem resolution time is reduced, and efficiency is increased.
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Take Advantage Of All The Advantages Of Cisco Sase

Cisco SASE represents a unique opportunity for companies that want to adapt to new times and want to secure employees and assets wherever they are performing their job functions. If you want your company to benefit from all the benefits, you can enjoy a free trial or a demo so that your team can see first-hand the performance of this solution and its full potential.


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