Video Analytics What The Eye Does Not See

Video Analytics What The Eye Does Not See

What Is Video Analytics

Video analytics is based on integrated software that allows independent and real-time analysis of what happens in the recording and obtaining descriptions and metadata. The camera is no longer a passive part of the security system to detect, for example, alert situations.

Many camera manufacturers already include embedded analytics. Some only allow us to configure primary and limited rules, but others include algorithm-based analytics. that provide more excellent reliability in complex environments. For this reason, when selecting between the different systems and manufacturers, we have to analyze what benefits they offer us in relation, mainly, to three aspects:

  • If you study the live images, you will be able to generate alerts.
  • If it allows us to make filters on the recorded video, speed up searches.
  • The precision and distance at which it can detect or identify objects/people.

Video Analytics And Perimeter Security

In the field of perimeter security, the most relevant or used analytics are:

  • Intrusion detection is used as if it were just another volumetric detector by installing thermal cameras or cameras’ visible light standard configuration. A warning is generated when the thermal camera detects a fence jump to track the intruder.
  • Loitering prevention the cameras detect if a person remains near the fence or the access gates for a specific time and launch an alert.
  • People counting the number of people who cross a virtual line or remain in an area is calculated. It is beneficial for reporting the number of customers accessing a facility, visiting times and peaks, etc.

What Does Video Analysis Contribute To Fire Detection

Thanks to video analytics, we can also analyze the images to confirm the presence of smoke in the event of a possible fire alarm. It can differentiate environmental changes and natural smoke. On the other hand, we can detect an unusual increase in temperature and know the temperature of an exact point to later trigger these measurements to different alarms and actions. This allows us to react more quickly and efficiently to incidents in fire protection.

Video Analysis For Vehicle Control

Video analytics offers us many possibilities in the application of vehicle control. We can recognize license plates and order the automatic opening of barriers. It helps us with access control and car park management, and it lets us know the capacity and free spaces available or control the speed within the enclosure. We can also record if vehicles cross a spatial boundary, drive in the wrong direction, or park in restricted areas.

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What Applications Does Video Analytics Have In The Retail Sector And Banking

In the retail sector, video analytics offers us fascinating metrics and information:

  • Counting the number of people and the time spent in an area or crossing a virtual line: it can be helpful to check the impact that some promotions or offers have, for example.
  • Occupancy ratio: is the estimate of the percentage of occupation of an area. This is very useful to assess the need to reinforce the number of security guards or avoid risky situations such as avalanches.
  • Heat map: allows you to identify the areas of most significant influx through a color scale.
  • Abandoned or stolen object: detects if a strange thing remains in the scene for a particular time or if an object is missing from the scene. It is a prevention tool against possible terrorist attacks and facilitates the supervision of high-value products in commercial areas.
  • Line control: sends a warning when the line exceeds a certain number of people, which is very useful for large stores or supermarkets.
  • Stock control: if you locate empty shelves, you can program a signal to the merchandise warehouse.

As for the banking sector, the most common use is ATM security. It tells us if the ATM has been tampered with, the number of people who enter the bank branch, if a person stays for more than a particular time, etc. Video analytics is an excellent ally of security. It increases the efficiency of our human team and intelligently provides valuable information for security and business continuity, and provides added value in other business areas.


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