Modernize Printing And Scanning In Microsoft 365

Modernize Printing And Scanning In Microsoft 365

Migrating to Microsoft 365, of course, means choosing a cloud infrastructure with all its advantages: the latest versions and technologies available and maintained by the publisher, simplified management that is easy to delegate to a service provider, payable by subscription with no time commitment.

It’s also about changing working methods with data, documents and applications accessible everywhere (in online or offline mode), on all types of equipment and available at any time. Safe mobility and collaborative working are facilitated and available to organizations of all sizes.

100% Cloud Solution

The first advantage of this solution is that it is designed for the cloud. Due to its architecture, which is based on the public cloud, it does not require any local infrastructure. Only an internet connection is sufficient to connect the multifunction printers.

On the other hand, uses have been rethought, whether for printing or digitization. The user has direct access to their personal storage spaces: OneDrive for Business or shared: SharePoint Online, Teams from the MFP’s control panel as he could do from his computer, tablet or smartphone.

The second advantage of the cloud is that the solution is wholly configured from a browser (as long as you have the right credentials with the right places to access them). It is, therefore, possible for a customer to delegate the management of his solution much more quickly to a service provider or a reseller to manage the printing and scanning services of his customer.

New Ways To Print

With new working methods and especially collaborative work, printing needs are changing. Today documents are often read, exchanged, edited, modified by users working on a project.

Microsoft 365 facilitates this kind of use; documents can be easily shared with internal or external collaborators. Suppose the various operations are mostly done directly on the digital form. In that case, it is sometimes necessary to print it for more comfortable proofreading or because the process is not yet 100% digital.

With OptimiDoc Cloud, all the user has to do is connect to the MFP of their choice, browse the cloud storage space to find their document and start printing.

The finishing parameters can also be specified, if necessary, directly on the MFP:

  • Number Of Copies
  • Colour
  • Both Sides
  • Paper Tray

Many document formats are supported:

  • PDF,
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
  • RTF, TXT,
  • HTML,
  • TIF, JPEG, PNG.\

This printing method is rapid and easy and saves users valuable time. They can print easily even if they don’t have an available workstation or mobile equipment connected to the corporate network. If the user needs to print a document whose format is not supported, he can convert it to PDF beforehand, for example by using the “Microsoft Print To PDF” printer supplied with Windows 10.

If necessary, traditional printing (the famous “File / Print”) remains possible. OptimiDoc Cloud includes a virtual cloud spooler, accessible via the IPPS protocol. In other words, it suffices to install a printer on the workstation using the driver (printer driver) from the manufacturer of the multifunction. Once the printing is started, it will be stored in the cloud, thanks to the OptimiDoc virtual spooler. 

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Modern And Straightforward Document Capture

Destinations: As for printing, it will be possible to access all the shared spaces of Microsoft 365: OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online and by extension Teams. It will also be possible to scan documents to e-mail addresses.

Document Formats: As standard, documents can be converted to PDF, MTIFF or JPEG, with the OCR option: PDF with text search, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, Text, VCF.

Image Processing: OptimiDoc manages automatic orientation detection, image enhancement, page straightening, and blank page removal.

Entering Parameters On The MFP Screen: if necessary, information can be requested from the user to define the name of the file, the destination path or a SharePoint column: free text, number, date, drop-down list. These parameters can be mandatory or optional, with or without default configuration.

User And MFP Access Management

They can be synchronized automatically and regularly from the AD AZURE, which is ideal in a Microsoft 365 environment. For customers with a hybrid environment, it is also possible to synchronize on a traditional AD.

User management will also make it possible to refine the use of various functionalities. It is possible for each type of printing or each scanning flow to grant access rights according to the user.

1 User List Authentication: Ideal for small organizations with low-security requirements. The list of users will be available on the MFP screen, so each user will only have to select their name from the list. Very user-friendly and easy to use, it will be chosen above all for its ergonomics, knowing that a user could use the wrong name during authentication.

2 Code Authentication: A code will be assigned to each user, either by the administrator of the solution or by the user himself by connecting to his dashboard. It will be possible to define the default code length (we recommend a minimum of 6 digits).

3 Authentication By Badge: A simple presentation of the badge will allow authentication. On first use, the user with his badge will be able to enrol directly on the MFP screen, unless the administrator has integrated it into the solution in advance. It will, of course, be necessary to equip the MFP with a badge reader.

4 Use Of Third-Party Authentication: If you already have an authentication system on your multifunction, there is a good chance that it is compatible. You will then be able to continue to use it and benefit from OptimiDoc Cloud services.

The use of an environment such as Microsoft 365 is an opportunity to rethink the printing and scanning services made available because it is essential that each user can fully benefit from the advantages and new features of this type of environment. 

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