Process Digitization For Competitive Companies

Process Digitization For Competitive Companies

In the era of the digital revolution, we are a crucial moment for the appearance of disruptive businesses that, in many cases, overcome traditional barriers, transforming products and services. This decisive stage in business development forces companies to work within the digitization of processes and promote digital transformation.

What Is Process Digitization?

The digitization of processes is the adaptation of a company’s processes to the technological environment, so it consists of applying digital tools. This leads to manual or analog processes becoming digital, which also favors data collection and management.

This transformation can be applied to all processes in an organization, such as these:

  • Management processes
  • Operational processes
  • Support processes
  • Management process
  • Logistics processes

Advantages Of Process Digitization

  • Digital Transformation Of The Business: The digitization of processes is part of the digital transformation of an organization, in which it is essential to work today.
  • Help In Changing Business Models: Digitization provides data to evaluate a company’s business model and be able to improve or change it if necessary.
  • More Significant And Better Analysis Capacity: Obtaining reliable data provides information suitable for analysis. The more data your organization has, the more digital tools you must incorporate to manage them.
  • Improvement In Operations: Digitization makes the operational chain flow better and more efficient.
  • Cost And Time Savings: Data management, process systematization and automation make it possible for the company to save time and money.
  • Improved Decision Making. Having the necessary information at the critical moment allows responsible people to make the right decisions in less time. 
  • Increased Efficiency And Productivity: Digitizing processes allows a company to be more efficient and productive at all levels.
  • Promotion Of Innovation: Applying new digital technologies makes it possible to observe results and see opportunities with a futuristic mindset. Digitization helps to evaluate the different options to implement innovative actions within the company.
  • Improvement In Working Conditions: By increasing efficiency and productivity, digitization of processes helps motivation and positive perception of workers and increases their involvement.
  • Facilitation Of Communication And Teamwork: The digitization of processes and the implementation of all integral management systems streamline the sharing of information between the different departments and levels of the organization, something that facilitates teamwork and project work.
  • Increase In A Sales Opportunity: With the implementation of digital systems, the company can concentrate more efforts on attracting new customers. Also, digitization itself will promote that the perception by the user is more trustworthy.
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Keys In The Digitization Of Processes

Mentality Change

The digitization of processes is not only about adding technological equipment or business management software; it goes much further. It’s about changing the business mindset at the organizational level. In this evolution, work must be done on the relationship between technology, people and processes. Encouraging the change of mentality towards a digital mind allows to broaden the business perspective and visualize a horizon full of opportunities and growth.

Customer Experience

The way of consumption has changed, as has the relationship of users with companies. This has completely transformed business strategies and has made companies’ digitization place customers at the business center. Offering you an optimal user experience, facilitating the purchase, making the brand available on different devices, offering good customer service or personalization are just some of the processes that should be given importance. 

Data Analytics

Data is everything; it allows us to measure every step and every action taken; they show if the path we are taking is the right one and adjusts to the market needs. The digitization of processes includes managing and optimizing data to squeeze it to the maximum through automated analytical systems.


Thinking that training is not very relevant in companies is a grave mistake. In digital transformation, learning is essential. Human resources must be trained to face the challenges they will face with the digitization of processes within the organization. Good training allows the implementation to develop in an agile way and with the least possible negative impact on human resources.

Apply The Digitization Of Processes In The Company

Digitizing the processes of a company does not necessarily mean being a company that is being digitally transformed. However, a company that establishes a digital transformation strategy results in the digitization of processes. That is why the most advisable thing for a traditional organization is to start by drawing up a digital transformation plan. 

Different pathways designed for a comprehensive transformation strategy are built. The digitization of processes is key to competitiveness and is a critical way to increase efficiency and productivity to play a better role in the market. Undoubtedly, companies have to be flexible and adapt to new trends, and having a good process digitization system makes adaptation and modernization much easier. 

How An ERP Can Help Digitize Processes

An effective way to digitize the processes in a company is by implementing comprehensive management systems such as ERP. Iis a system designed to automate processes that can be used comprehensively in different departments. Today we can find ERPs that adapt to the needs of each company and sector, in which adequate functionalities can be implemented, designed or programmed for process improvement.

Five Steps To Digitize Your Business Processes

The implementation of systems for the digitization of processes is something to which time and efforts must be dedicated to obtain excellent results. However, with these five simple steps, you can start this implementation in your company:

  • Identify the processes to be digitized.
  • Determine which technological tools will help you achieve the digitization of these processes.
  • It involves the human resource of the company that is directly affected by the changes.
  • Test the digitization of processes at different levels and measure the results.
  • Validate and implement the tools and carry out the definitive digitization in the company.


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